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About Company «GlobalTourOperator»

"GlobalTourOperator" is a Limited Liability Company with experience in organizing a wide variety of services for business trips throughout Russia and abroad. Our commitment to efficiency, clarity, and careful attention to all of the details are the hallmarks of our commitment to professional excellence.

We will carefully listen make sure that logistical details of your trip, such as registration and the purchase of railway airplane tickets, are taken care of.
To become our corporate client, it is necessary to conclude: "Agreement concerning rendering of services"
After signing the Contract, we guarantee to render all necessary services to our clients, including:

  1. Booking of hotels in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other cities or towns in Russia;
  2. Air/railway tickets;
  3. VIP service at the airports
  4. Car rentals, transport and excursion services
  5. Organizing congresses, conferences, exhibitions
  6. Services of professional interpreters

Contact information:

"GlobalTourOperator" Limited Company
Tramvayniy prospect, 14, office 311, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 198207
Ph.: +7 (812) 377 10 16
Fax: +7(812) 372 32 03

About Company «GlobalTourOperator»