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GlavTourOperator is the official partner of the tournament of The President’s Cup 2014

GlavTourOperator is the official partner of the tournament of The President’s Cup 2014

21 June 2014 г

GLavTourOperator is the official partner of the tournament of The President’s Cup, which will take place on the 27-th of September in London.

GLavTourOperator provides the complex touristic services for the members of this event.

The services for the members are: the visa registration to The Great Britain, accommodation in the hotel in London, transfers from an airport and to the tournament, excursions and feeding.

The preparation for realization of The President’s Cup in London - the team tournament of the eight countries. The preparation for such prestigious tournament is performed by The Organization Committee which includes a lot of famous persons of The Great Britain including Lord Reding, the Honorary President of the SAMBO’s Association Of The Britain’s Commonwealth Countries, Michael Parker and Martin Clark the President Of The Britain Sambo Federation.

The teams of Russia, the Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, the USA and Africa have already confirmed their participation. Sportsmen will compete for the Challenge Cup made by general sponsor of the tournament the jewelry company from Saint-Petersburg “Northern Capital’s Jewelers” on the sketch of its General Headmaster Timur Kabucaev, the man who fell in love with sambo and truly supports his propaganda and development.

It is the first time to get together in such prestigious tournament for as famous teams with the highest world rating, as the teams from the Britain Commonwealth’s Countries, that have already demonstrated, that they are not big on fear – Canada, Trinidad, Jamaica, Ghana, Australia and they promise to bring a few surprises for the World’s Rating Leaders as in the combat sambo, as in the sports one.

The Tournament will take place in an attractive and prestigious place in England, in the London’s
Fabouring Bluewater, in the biggest Shopping and Entertainment Center in Europe.

This platform was not chosen by chance – says Andrei Moshanov, the FIAS’s development Head and a member of the Tournament’s Organization Committee – the one of the general ideas of such tournaments is the propaganda of sambo and increasing the attraction of this kind of sport for common citizens of country. The team form of the tournament lets to combine sport and show, a few surprises are planned. They will not leave unmoved even the strict English. I am sure, we will can get together concerned viewership, besides this is the very place where English go with their families on whole weekend to visit boutiques, different cafes and restaurants, to go to the cinemas with their kids and have sunbathe on the lawns around the complex. We were bribed by the fact that there are 10 000 people can be in the complex at the same time and it will be impossible to go by the tournament.

And the main thing is that it will be impossible to not hear about the tournament – shares a secret Leo Malim the member of The Organization committee who responds to the tournament’s marketing, - as the tournament will be opened by The Royal Military Band Of Scottish Shooters of 16 drummers and pipers, who will march around the whole shopping center and then come in the tournament’s hall.

International Sambo Tournament President's Cup in London

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