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Multidimensional China

Multidimensional China

11 August 2015 г

Trips to China will undoubtedly unlock the secrets, which were unable to be discovered by the inhibitors of the European continent. Due to the Russian characters being a perfect mix of Europe and Asia, we have a good advantage. China rightfully prides itself in its many inventions, whether they date back many years before our era, or have been created a few years ago. All of these inventions, and much more, can be seen with your own eyes, by booking an “incentive-tour” of China with GlavTourOperator.

The most exquisite tour of China’s historic origins are the excursions and trips to Beijing. Only on this tour will you be able to see the main symbol of the Imperial Chinese Empire – The Great Wall of China, and also China’s most perplexing place – the forbidden city of Gugun.

Shanghai – the future of China, the most dynamic city of the fastest developing population. Shanghai seems to be one of the most interesting places in the world, the phenomenal contrast between traditional culture, tradition and the development of science and technology.

You can always spend a good couple of days in Hong Kong; the local Chinese restaurants attract lots of chiefs and gourmet lovers, whereas the incredible shopping attracts just about everyone. There is a wide range of shops, from expensive boutiques to large shopping complexes and traditional markets. What most people tend to not know, is that during these trips to Hong Kong, you can also swim and sunbathe on clean and tidy beaches. At the large amusement park “Ocean Park” you can personally meet with worldwide famous Giant Panda, during the ‘Giant Panda Adventure’ tour at the park.

Island of Hainan – a tropical paradise, with the whitest beaches and thermal waters, where the sun is shining 300 days a year. A holiday to Hainan will give a thrill to divers, due to the incredible coral reef which can be visited. A beach holidays can be easily mixed with an adventure holiday – and that is why we are offering a combined tour to China: so you can not only enjoy and relax on the beaches, but also explore the forever fascinating history of China.

Furthermore, the Island of Hainan is famous for its worldwide known centers of Chinese Medicine. A traditional Chinese medicinal session is well within a tourist’s budget, and is always worth the money with fantastic results. Chinese people believe that they key to getting better and staying healthy is all in a positive mental attitude; maybe that is why the people of China are always so welcoming, enthusiastic and friendly. The warm atmosphere is not only creates by the people, but also by the physical attributes of their lives. Red carts full of sweets, red lanterns, red taxis, red tea, red dragons and kites. It is very evident that people of China consider red to be the colour of happiness.

GlavTourOperator staff and colleagues will be more than happy to organize individual and also group tours and trips to China.

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