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The inheritance of the Olympic Games in Sochi!

The inheritance of the Olympic Games in Sochi!

20 March 2014 г

The inheritance of the Olympic Games in Sochi! The professional expertise of the specialists of GlavTourOperator!

The GlavTourOperator Company’s  representatives visited Sochi and The Olympic facilities of the city since the 10-th till 12-th of March 2014. It is safe to say it was a real reconnaissance. Because almost every one of us thinks about what will happen to The Olympic facilities after the Olympic season’s closing? Being the bright representatives of the tourism industry we are worried about this question even more than others.

Having looked around in new Sochi, our company’s representatives give an unequivocal assessment: Sochi will be one of the most popular resorts of Europe. Geographical features and the infrastructure let to organize bright and various rest during all year for guests of the city.

The trip to Sochi for representatives of GlavTourOperator was productive as establishing of professional contacts. There are preliminary agreements with the region’s hotel complexes and the preventatives of the companies presenting transport and excursion supports of the resort!

Now The GlavTourOperator Company’s managers are ready to organize the rest in Sochi for you. It’s not late to ski on the ultramodern ski resort of the Rose Hutor Complex. And now it’s time to plan your summer holidays at the sea or active rest in the mountains.

Also don’t forget about event tourism. In the near future a lot of holdings of the world championships in various sport are planned on the Sochi’s sport objects. Including summer kinds of sport! For example, the football competitions will be on the stadium “Fisht” very soon. The managers of the GlavTourOperator Company can always help you to purchase tickets for different events, to organize air travel or by train, to book rooms and to get transfers.

The GlavTourOperator Company’s employees pay a special attention on the business tourism. Cause Sochi is not only all-Russian health resort, but also a center of business tourism and communication. Big international and native companies, scientists and industrialists hold the conferences, seminars and meetings there.

The City Sochi is a place of important political contract conclusion at a high level. Presidents, prime-ministers, bankers and businessmen, inventors and fashion designers are met with the same cheerfulness there. The meeting of experts of the UNO, Paguoshskaya Conference, The World Congress of Russian mass media, Microsoft, Kodak and L'Oreal seminars, the final events of Taffi Awards. Sochi has been becoming the main investment “supermarket” of the South of Russia for several last years. The Yearly Economic Forum gets together hundreds of representative of big and average business. The level of these events  is self-explanatory.

Sochi is ready to receive a lot of business events because of investments to hotel sector.

As we are specialists of organization of conference and seminars we highly recommend to our clients to take up Sochi as a platform for organization its event. The GlavTourOperator Company’s managers will organize a charter flight from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other place for such events and offer to you different kinds of residence at the special price. It will look like a comparitive table, so you can choose the best option special for you.

The best representatives of world sports society have already assessed all beauty and comfort of The Resort Town Sochi! Now we offer everyone to do this!

Representatives of the company GlavTourOperator in Sochi

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