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The Myth about the benefit of independent organization of business trips

The Myth about the benefit of independent organization of business trips

31 March 2014 г

Today the employees of many companies organize their business trips by themselves.

The position of GlavTourOperator Company on the given fact - this is not only unmodern, but also gives a lot of inconveniences and does not bring any benefits.

The organization of business trips is a difficult interaction process with the representatives of air companies, carrier companies, the hotels’ representatives, different countries’ consulates. If an employee had not any work experience in the tourism industry, he will hardly cope with such problems!

Choosing the GlavTourOperator Company as a business trips and other travels’ organizer partner, you get a number of undeniable advantages.

First, your company’s staff will stop to escape from their main work tasks and spend time on their organization of business trips. And sometimes a business trip implies difficult logistics and not an expert cannot cope with the organization of this trip quickly.

Second, the GlavTourOperator Company works directly with a lot of hotels and has got favourable contracts for bookings. The meaning that the company organizing business trips takes higher cost, than real one is a misconception. In fact, the situation usually looks exactly the opposite, besides, you will not have a necessity to decide a number of bureaucratic questions about document interchange with a lot of hotels where your employees will probably have to stay.

The lack of cost control is an another one disadvantage when employees organize their trips by themselves. It is difficult to find out what the funds were spend on by employee who organized his trip by himself.

Also, there are the situations, when a secretary deals just with the first persons’ business trips. It leads  to chaos and a number of inconveniences. Sometimes, both the management and employees go to the same region, but the employees don not know what air company their chiefs fly and what hotel they stay at.

Let the GlavTourOperator Company to become a reliable conductor for your employees of organization business trips of different complexity and you will not want to part with us! The GlavTourOperator Company is ready to provide following services quickly and with high quality:

  • railway tickets registration
  • any complexity transfers organization
  • booking hotels in Russia and around the world
  • visa support
  • the organization of business and corporative events.
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