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Unusual celebration of the New 2016

Unusual celebration of the New 2016

24 December 2015 г

Employees of GlobalTourOperator celebrated the 2016 New Year in unusual way for them.
They passed the Psychological Training of professional competence in a renowned expert Gennady Brevde.

The proverb "In a healthy body - healthy mind" is known since ancient times. It is believed that the company's staff, it is also a living organism, in which you need as well as in his own body to maintain mental and physical health. In recent years, our tourism sector took a number of unpleasant events - the bankruptcy of a plurality of reputable companies, the crash of the aircraft, the closure of important areas - all this undermines the cheerful mood to work.

That’s why we decided to replace the traditional corporate party to the inner work on yourself. Within two days, we lined up again our attitude to work, corrected negative attitudes.

We learned a lot, learned more about themselves and each other. After the holidays, we are ready with a new force to provide travel services to corporations: prescribe air and railway tickets, book hotels all over the world at a reasonable price, organize personal transfers, participate in the preparation and conduct of business events (seminars, conferences).

Thank you for the good work Gennady.

The Psychological training of professional competence

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