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10 May 2015 г

Day 1 - Moscow
Arrival at the airport.
Accommodation in Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora hotel.
Dinner in the hotel.
Day 2 - Moscow
City tour: Red square, Kremlin, Lenin's Mausoleum, the State Tretyakov gallery.
Excursion to Sergiev Posad.
Departure by train "Golden eagle".

Day 3 - Kazan
Arrival in Kazan.
Excursion to the Kremlin of Kazan + city tour.
Departure from Kazan.


Day 4 - Ekaterinburg
Arrival in Ekaterinburg.
Excursion program, dedicated to the tragic events of Russian history of the beginning of XX century and the
fate of Romanov tsar dynasty.
Visit the Church on Spilled Blood in the name of All Saints, the Patriarchal metochion of St. Elizabeth chapel
Visit the borderline between Europe and Asia.
Departure from Yekaterinburg.
Day 5 - Novosibirsk
Arrival in Novosibirsk.
The attractions of the Central part of the city (the Trans-Siberian Museum, Opera and ballet) and walk
through the old streets and the river Ob.
Continuation of city tour.
Departure from Novosibirsk.
Day 6on the train
Day 7 - Irkutsk
Business travel - Russia and worldwide
Arrival in Irkutsk.
City tour with visit to the Museum of the Decembrists and Lacy house, also called the House of Europe.
Lunch in the city restaurant.
Free time in 130-quarter “Irkutskaya Sloboda” - an area of restored buildings of the XIX-XX centuries.
Visit the architectural-ethnographic open-air museum "Taltsy".
Departure from Irkutsk.
Dinner on the train.
Day 8 - lake Baikal
Arrival in port Baikal.
Transfer to Listvyanka.
Visit the sightseeng point "Chersky Stone", which offers a magnificent view of the southern part of lake
Baikal and the headwater of the river Angara.
Visit to the Baikal Museum.
Tour along the village.
Visit the souvenir and fish markets.
Day 9 - Ulan-Ude
Arrival in Ulan-Ude.
Sightseeing tour of the city.
Visiting temples "Hambyn Hure" on the Top Berezovka, female datsan "Sungun Darjeeling", Odigitrievsky
Cathedral, Trinity Church.
Sightseeing tour, taking in traditional Buryat Yurt with folklore program. Hospitable hosts will teach you how
to prepare Buryat dish pose, play craps, to shoot a bow, wearing Buryat suit, to assemble and disassemble felt
Departure from Ulan-Ude.
Day 10 - Ulan Bator
Arrival in Ulan-Bator – the capital of Mongolia.
Visiting the Buddhist Gandan monastery, which houses the famous 26-metre-high statue of Bodhisattva
Avalokitesvara - "Maggid Janraisig".
The visit to the memorial complex Zaisan. From the hill you can see the whole Ulaan-Baatar and the valley
of the river Tuul.
Excursion to the Park of the Buddha is the Center of cultural and religious heritage of Zanabazar, where is
the statue of a young Buddha.
Visit the Palace Museum of Bogd Khan, where hang the portraits of all the Mongol Mongolia of Janov, who
lived in the XVII-XX centuries, the cap of leaves sandalwood, presented the first Bogd jaanu - the Zanabazar
fifth Dalai Lama.
Visit to the Sukhbaatar square, one of the largest in the world for its size.
Lunch in the city restaurant.
Visit the Museum of Natural history with examination of samples of minerals and precious stones, flora and
fauna of the Khangai and Gobi different time; stuffed rare animals - wild Przewalski's horses, khavtgai - wild
camels, wild onagers and other.
Visit Mongolian National History Museum, which presents the archaeological material, pictures and
diagrams of paleontological sites, excavation sites, coins, weapons, costumes, household items, religious cult
objects, bronze statuettes.
Folklore show.
Departure from Ulan-Bator.
Day 11on the train
Day 12on the train
Day 13 - on the train
Day 14 - Vladivostok
Arrival in Vladivostok.
Accommodation in the hotel.
City tour.
Business travel - Russia and worldwide
Day 15 Breakfast.
Departure from Vladivostok.
A brief description of the coupe:
Silver and gold classes, as well as Imperial Suite have a shower and a toilet with basic toiletries (shampoo,
soap, shower gel) manufactured by carrier.
Coupe gold class (7 square feet) and suites (11 square meters) equipped with a modern system of floor
heating, there is a DVD set+LCD screen TV, air conditioning.
Coupe silver class is less than the area of 5.5 square meters, but have the same conditions as the "gold"
class (except the floor).