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Hotels in Saint-Petersburg Russia

Hotel Marco Polo

Hotel category:

The address:St. Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, 12 Line, Building 27

The nearest Metro station:Vasilyeostrovskaya.

The hotel location on the mapConference rooms
Hotel Marco Polo
  • Гостиница Марко Поло
  • Номер Бизнес
  • Номер Бизнес 2
  • Номер Бизнес 3
  • Номер Бизнес 4
  • Номер Сюит
  • Номер Сюит 2
  • Номер Сюит 3
  • Номер Сюит 4
  • Номер Сюит 5
  • Номер Люкс Марко Поло
  • Номер Люкс Марко Поло 2
  • Номер Люкс Марко Поло 3
  • Номер Люкс Марко Поло - ванная комната
  • Номер Люкс Grand
  • Номер Люкс Grand 2
  • Номер Люкс Grand 3
  • Номер Люкс Grand 4
  • Номер Люкс Grand - ванная комната
  • Номер Люкс Хеннесси
  • Номер Люкс Хеннесси 2
  • Номер Люкс Хеннесси 3
  • Номер Люкс Хеннесси - ванная комната
  • Ресторан Марко-Поло
  • Ресторан Марко-Поло 2
  • Ресторан Марко-Поло 3
  • Бар Пинта
  • Бар Пинта 2
  • Бар Пинта 3
  • Переговорная комната
  • Переговорная комната 2
Специальные предложения и акции

Tour in St. Petersburg - 2 days / 1 night.
Accommodation in chosen room 2 days / 1 night fruit basket and champagne in a gift the hotel romantic breakfast in your room (anytime).
Additionally you can order: Aromatherapy Massage "Flower Symphony" or "Honeymoon".

Engagement in St. Petersburg
Certificate of engagement, which will remain with you and will always be reminded of happy days - 500 rubles.
Dressing room with balloons - 5 000 rubles.
Flower rain - 5000 rubles.
Walk around St Petersburg at a posh limousine or a coach - 6500 rubles photoshoot for luxury hotel rooms - 6000 rubles.


Hotel Marco Polo

For hotel guests a restaurant, "Marco Polo"
Is an excellent complement existing tiled fireplace XIX century, as well as piano, magic sounds that visitors can enjoy the restaurant in the evenings.Restaurant menu features dishes of European and Russian cuisine.
And also a new menu dishes merchants and original cuisine.
The hotel restaurant is designed for 45 seats.

Bar "Pinta"
Knight of valour is not only an honoured and courageous man but generous person who can enjoy his free time and good company of his best friends.
Armours of knights, brick arches of ceiling, tapestries and large collection of arming help you to dive into the atmosphere of medieval when men have known the art of riding, the art of drinking without getting drunk and the art of taking pleasure of their lives. The time when every woman is a charming lady and tournaments and poems have been d for the sake of them.
In Pinta Bar you can not only try the dish at your choice and your favourite drink but sing a karaoke song for your loving person or watch sport events on a big plasma screen that has been set here. Oriental exotic lovers should try the kalian that would please you with different tastes and wonderful flavours.
Bar is designed for 45 seats.
Hours: 12:00 until last customer.

Conferencing capabilities:

Hotel Marco Polo

Hotel Marco Polo offers a meeting room for various activities:
business meetings, negotiations, presentations, roundtables, etc.
The interiors of rooms decorated in classical style and reflect the atmosphere of 19 century.
Additionally, the hotel's Marco Polo provides for measures necessary equipment.

Hotel Facilities:

  • sauna
  • massage
  • Fitness
  • Pool
  • SPA
  • air and train tickets booking
  • individual and group tours
  • full information about recreational activity of the city
  • theatre tickets booking
  • personal interpreter
  • professional massage
  • satellite television
  • laptop renting
  • Wi-Fi Internet accsess
  • fax, copier
  • e-mail
  • CDs record
  • laundry service
  • room service
  • souvenir shop
  • flower ordering
  • press ordering
  • conferens room

Accomodation (room description):

Hotel Marco Polo

Rooms of Business Category

Business category rooms are designed to make your stay at the hotel comfortable and pleasant.
Warm pastel tints return you to the Silver Age of beautiful ladies and gallant gentlemen.
Stylish set of particulars helps to the feeling of comfort and coziness. Modern communication devices give you the opportunity to be well informed and solve all the business problems without leaving the room.
Every room is appointed with amenities that ensure a comfortable and productive stay. They feature convenient furniture, telephone, Internet access, air conditioner, satellite TV, individual strongbox, mini-bar and trouser press.
Bathroom with bath cabin, hair dryer, bathrobes and toilet articles is in every room of Business category.

Hotel Marco Polo


Elegant rooms divided into sleeping and living zones represent the Suite category.
Large comfortable bed with bedside tables and TV set help you to enjoy the rest after the working day or long walks around Petersburg. Vinous tints and soft pillows the perfect atmosphere for meetings and long conversations with close friends.
Every room of this category offers convenient sofa, CD and DVD mini system, mini-bar, air conditioner, telephone, individual strongbox, satellite TV and trouser press.
Bathrooms have bath cabin, hairdryer, toilet articles, bathrobes and slippers.

Hotel Marco Polo

Suite Marco Polo

Soft forms and lines, fine patterns, picturesque mixture of red, golden and green tints warm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere that is very important for a traveler. Every detail that we have used in decoration is a clue to the puzzle of history and your imagination helps you to solve them.
Marco Polo luxury suite reminds you of different captivating stories about Great Armenia, Persia, Tartars, India and many other countries that Italian traveler Marco Polo has described in his book.
The mixture of antiquity and modern makes an impression of one accord. Elegant hand-made furniture, tea-set, CD and DVD mini system, satellite TV and a bed with splendid tester opens for you new horizons of coziness and unknown islands of comfort. Marvelous bath tube with floating candles, sachets and other nice accessories are provided in the bathroom.

Hotel Marco Polo

Grand Luxury Suite

This spacious two-roomed luxury suite is the brightest example of Saint Petersburg style of the XIXth century, the style of époque when Russian Empire has reached the zenith of its progress age. We thought over every detail of the interior and used only the best furniture and materials to achieve the result that you could enjoy. The room is decorated with mouldings in blue and golden tints and Jacquard silk tapestry. Splendid tester, chess table, tea-set and many other stylish accessories complete the atmosphere of Old Petersburg.
The room is divided into two parts. One of them is a living part with smooth furniture set, small table, sideboard and desk, another part represents by the bedroom with a big bed and dressing table.
Bathroom offers marvelous bath tube with floating candles, sachets and other nice accessories.

Hotel Marco Polo

Hennessy Luxury Suite

As a distinguished Hennessy cognac, our special luxury suite is made for the real gentlemen with fine taste who appreciate the beauty of surroundings and the freedom of slow pleasure. Green, golden and red tints of decoration dispose to the long conversation with friends while the taste of favourite drink emphasized by the cigar flavour adds charm to your rest.
Hennessy luxury suite is divided into two parts you find a lot of nice accessories and necessary objects such as smooth sofa and small table in the living room, large bed and dressing table in the bedroom and bathrobes, slippers, hair dryer and set of toilet articles in the bathroom with window that faces the inner yard of the hotel.