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Conferencing capabilities

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The address:Moscow, Izmailovo shosse, 71

The nearest Metro station:Partizanskaya.

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Conferencing capabilities in Izmailovo Beta Hotel
  • Зал Врубель
  • Зал Суриков
  • Конференц зал Поленов
  • Конференц зал Фантазия
  • Комната для переговоров Саврасов
  • Конференц зал Васнецов
  • Банкетный зал Московский

Description of the conference features

A modern business center is available at the Izmailovo Beta Hotel.
The center is equipped for hosting any events: business meetings, conferences, seminars, drink receptions, as well as large-scale forums, symposiums, congresses, and exhibitions.
Full business services are at your disposal on a daily basis 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Also available are seven multi-purpose 30–350-seat transformer halls and three negotiation rooms.
The capacity of negotiation rooms 50 and 51 is 4–5 seats each, while room 49 features 8–10 seats.
Coffee breaks and lunches may be ordered for seminars and conferences. Using movable roller partitions, configuration of our conference halls can be d within several minutes, which makes it possible to the floor space to suit your requirements for event scope and capacity. Full acoustic insulation is guaranteed.
The business center included a cloakroom (capacity: 350 items).
The conference halls and negotiation rooms feature presentation equipment based on state-of-the-art audio and video reproduction technologies.
The control panel makes it possible to control screens, projectors, lighting, and air conditioning.

Conferencing capabilities in Izmailovo Beta Hotel

Conference Hall Equipmen

  • Overhead projector for projecting images onto a 120" (3 m) screen.
  • Television set
  • DVD player and VCR. Cassette and disk formats: VHS, S-VHS, DVD, CD, MP3.
  • Sound amplification: a radio microphone and stationary microphones.
  • Computer: OS Windows 2000, CD-RW drive.
  • Internet direct connection.
  • All the halls are equipped with air conditioning systems.
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